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Weird News :: Die holding hands after 72 years together

A ‘love story’ from the book Heart: Two elderly Americans died only an hour away from each other, holding hand in hand, after 72 years together. “They could not live without each other, they loved too be together,” said son Dennis Yeager. It is the poignant ending of the love story of Gordon and Norma Yeager, inziata in 1939 when the two were married in the town of State Center, Ohio. Inseparable for 72 long years, the couple died last week following a car accident. Transported to a local hospital, Gordon and Norma were in the same room, the nurses made ​​sure that they were so close to holding hands.

Surrounded by children rushed to the clinic, Gordon died first at 3:38 in the morning with his wife’s hand in his. Exactly one hour later at 4:48 Norma has stopped breathing. “We’re lucky they’re gone so together and in peace,” said his daughter Donna. Norma and Gordon will be cremated and their ashes will be together forever.

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