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Weird News :: Elderly Tunisian young bride: her parents and kidnap him …

Paul Fitzpatrick, senior British Burnley, a few months ago convolato a wedding with a 30 year old Tunisian met during a trip to Soussa (Tunisia) last year. Everything seemed to be a dream but it became a real nightmare. Paul, left for Tunisia where the couple would duvuto do a honeymoon for three months, has been held hostage by his wife’s family, locked in a bathroom threatened by the girl’s relatives who wanted his savings to release it.

The man, after paying his captors, has taken refuge in the UK before returning to his homeland permanently. The old man was terrified. He believed that they would kill him. They took away the money I had with me, the laptop and clothes. They asked me credit cards and I was told to call my bank to get more money. I’ve been locked as long as the money did not arrive on their behalf (about 30,000 euro). I was a fool. I thought Mbarka I really loved, but instead I have plucked like a chicken.


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